“Bench” Power Supply

I decided that i needed a “bench” Power supply, and i didn’t really want to spend much money, so i decided, what do i have to make one, well i have a 12V Wallwart that can put out about 1.2 AMPS yes, thats right AMPS.

So now i just needed to regulate this down to some more “useful” voltages, and since i measured the output of the “wall wart” was without any load I know that can be up to 25V or so. so i need to regulate that. Now since i’m not a electornics Engineer or anything, i used what i know, Linear Regulators, now i’m not going to do a tutorial on those or anything, google for that if you want. So basically this how the volgae goes:

Input –> On/Off Switch –> PTC(for current protection just in case) –> Filter Cap –> 7812 –> output filter caps –> another PTC –> Output

12V “output –> “input” filter cap –>7809 –> output filter caps –> another PTC –> output

9V “output” –> “input” filter cap –> 7805 –> output filter caps –> PTC–> Output

9V “output –> “input” filter cap –> 783V3 (3.3V) –> output filter caps –> PTC(can you tell i am obsessed with protection yet?) –>output

Whew, my fingers are tired now, lol, follow this link to my Flickr Photo set, i’ll write another post laterr today or tommarow, http://www.flickr.com/photos/56750521@N03/sets/72157625786600382/

EDIT: I think i’ll wait for part 2 until after I get the rest of the regulators, heatsinks, caps, binding post, and case, which should be here thursday or friday, hopefully

Thanks if you read this, and i’ll put a poll up asking how you got here, since this is a new blog

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  1. Ted5757 says:

    Hey Mitt found you on AmpHour.

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