“Bench” Power supply, Rev 2

Ok, sorry, its been a while since i updated, i actually decided to just ditch my existing design(it wasn’t fitting int he case i got very well) and re-do it from scratch, plus my old design was buggy, it keep having some internal shorts and I got tied of trying to trace them, so i ditched it. As you can see, i moved the heat sinks to groups of two, this way I can access the mounting screws easier.

The biggest change was adding the LT1021 Precision Voltage Reference(10V +-1%) chip. It is a PDIP-8 chip. i’m quite happy with my decision to add this.

Outside, with the switch on and everything powered up, showing my labels as well, the hole in the top left is a mistake from trying to make the case fit Rev 1, The reason why the Ground(black) and 10V reference wire(yellow) are hanging out, is because the jacks for those are on back-order from mouser, hopefully one i get those i’ll update again with the final product look:

I was quite happy with how my labels for the back turned out, if you can’t read the one on the left, it says “Minimum 14V Maximum 35V” and has a picture showing that it needs a “Center Postive” adapter:

View of the front panel without it plugged in or turned on:

This picture just shows the “Gut” you can see my reigns in effect here:

Here are the images of the PCB after etching, drilling and “tinning”:



I’ll be posting in a few days the schematic and board files for anyone interested, i haven’t posted them yet as i want to clean them up for “manufacturability” as right now they are tuned for my home etching process

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