555 Contest entry

Here is a vid showing the project working(except for LED 7, i either have a bad cable or a bad solder joint, haven’t had time to trouble shoot yet)

(it should embed a youtube vid about here, if it does not, copy and paste the URL into your browser, sorry)

Here is the “bottom” of the board, i put the LED’s and the other SMD components(a cap and the resistors)down here:

The “top” of the board, yes, it is burnt/delamininating, i need to work on my “reflow” process for SMT soldering, but other than makine a jumper or 2 necessary it doesn’t effect the board other than looks:

and a little bit different view of the board:



*ones with “DFM” in name are NOT exactly the same as the one i showed above, they are a slightly refined design, mostly designed to minimize board space*

*Board and .sch files where created in Eagle*

PDF Schematic of my “DFM” version

BRD file for my “DFM” Version

SCH schematic file for my “DFM” version

Files as used to create the board above:

BRD File

SCH File

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